Real-world experience of intravenous ferric derisomaltose evaluated through safety and efficacy reporting in the UK

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Sinclair, R. C. F.
Nadaraja, S.
Kennedy, N. A.
Wakatsuki, M.
Bhandari, S.
Scientific reports
Journal Article
© 2022. The Author(s).
Ferric derisomaltose (FDI; Monofer) is used in clinical practice to treat iron deficiency, but the safety and efficacy of FDI has not been robustly evaluated in a large real-world study. This retrospective, multicentre, audit-based, observational study provides pragmatic information about safety and clinical responses with FDI across therapy areas and patient populations, helping to facilitate treatment decisions. Participating sites provided data from the medical records of adults who had received ≥ 1 FDI infusion. The primary outcome was the incidence of adverse reactions within 24 hours of the FDI infusion. Secondary outcomes included the change from baseline in haemoglobin and ferritin up to 12 months post infusion. In total, 19 sites provided data for a total of 7354 FDI-treated patients; 64.3% of patients were female, and 42.2% were aged ≥ 70 years. Surgery was the main hospital specialty (34.5%). The incidence of any recorded adverse reactions, hypersensitivity reactions, and anaphylaxis were 1.7%, 0.4%, and < 0.1%, respectively, regardless of baseline anaemia status. Statistically significant increases in haemoglobin and ferritin were observed between baseline and Month 4 following FDI treatment (p < 0.0001). Improvements in haemoglobin were more pronounced for hospital specialties where operative blood loss is expected (surgery/obstetrics) compared with those where blood loss is not expected. This study provides real-world clinical evidence for the low risk of adverse reactions with FDI across diverse patient populations, providing reassurance that intravenous iron is not associated with serious toxicity. These findings may inform changes in intravenous iron delivery to provide effective therapy to more patients in need.
Sci Rep. 2022 Nov 7;12(1):18859. doi: 10.1038/s41598-022-23581-3.
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