South West Respiratory Network inhaler training project

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Halpin, David M
Holmes, S.
Calvert, J.
McInerney, D.
Nurse Prescribing
Journal Article
Mark Allen Group
Archived with thanks to Nurse Prescribing
Correct inhaler technique is essential for patients to get benefits from their therapy. Evidence shows that up to 90% of patients do not take their inhaler properly. A number of factors are associated with an increased chance of poor inhaler technique. Health professionals have an important role in teaching patients the correct inhaler technique, but many clinicians themselves do not know how to use inhalers correctly. The South West Respiratory Network formulated a project to develop and deliver an inhaler technique training programme for clinicians. The first wave of training created 50 ‘ambassadors’, who will deliver training locally to other health professionals, thus spreading expertise. An online competency assessment tool will provide assurance of the level of competence in knowledge of inhalers gained through the training and additional practice. The project aims to increase the number of people who are able to use their inhaler correctly, resulting in better disease control and savings to the NHS.
South West Respiratory Network inhaler training project 2015, 13 (3):130 Nurse Prescribing