Development of a competency framework for the Assistant Wellbeing Practitioner (Renal) role

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Farrand, P.
Hamilton, A.
Strickland, S.
Journal of renal care
Journal Article
© 2022 The Authors. Journal of Renal Care published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd on behalf of European Dialysis & Transplant Nurses Association/European Renal Care Association.
BACKGROUND: Many people with kidney disease experience comorbid mental health difficulties that result in worse physical health outcomes alongside greater personal, treatment and societal costs. PROBLEM: Workforce expansion to treat comorbid mental health difficulties has focussed on psychological practitioners. This fails to capitalise on benefits arising from embedding roles to address biopsychosocial outcomes directly within the renal specialty. A competency framework to inform development and training for such a role has not been developed. METHODS: Five-phase process to develop a competency framework for an Assistant Wellbeing Practitioner (Renal) role. Following identification of competency frameworks for roles in psychological practice, health and social care, relevant competencies were synthesised to create a draft competency framework. This framework was revised through consultation events with professionals associated with the renal specialty and Kidney Patient Involvement Network with the framework informing a competency map. RESULTS: The competency map comprised three categories-Knowledge, Values and Principles, Core Skills and Meta-Competencies with specific competencies for an assistant practitioner role to work within the renal specialty identified. Core knowledge and skills included awareness of kidney treatments and common psychosocial difficulties, collaborative care and supporting evidence-based prevention approaches. CONCLUSIONS: Competencies associated with the Assistant Wellbeing Practitioner (Renal) role have the potential to promote mental wellbeing, better physical health and generate social and economic benefits. The competency map can inform training and role evaluation, although addressing implementation issues associated with commissioning physical and mental healthcare is required.
J Ren Care. 2022 Dec 3. doi: 10.1111/jorc.12449.
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