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  • TSH and FT4 reference intervals in pregnancy: a systematic review and individual participant data meta-analysis 

    Osinga, J. A. J.; Derakhshan, A.; Palomaki, G. E.; Ashoor, G.; Männistö, T.; Maraka, S.; Chen, L.; Bliddal, S.; Lu, X.; Taylor, P. N.; Vrijkotte, T. G. M.; Tao, F. B.; Brown, S. J.; Ghafoor, F.; Poppe, K.; Veltri, F.; Chatzi, L.; Vaidya, B.; Broeren, M. A. C.; Shields, B. M.; Itoh, S.; Mosso, L.; Popova, P. V.; Anopova, A. D.; Kishi, R.; Aminorroaya, A.; Kianpour, M.; López-Bermejo, A.; Oken, E.; Pirzada, A.; Vafeiadi, M.; Bramer, W. M.; Suvanto, E.; Yoshinaga, J.; Huang, K.; Bassols, J.; Boucai, L.; Feldt-Rasmussen, U.; Grineva, E. N.; Pearce, E. N.; Alexander, E. K.; Pop, V. J. M.; Nelson, S. M.; Walsh, J. P.; Peeters, R. P.; Chaker, L.; Nicolaides, K. H.; D'Alton, M. E.; Korevaar, T. I. M. (Endocrine Society, 2022-07-21)
    CONTEXT: Interpretation of thyroid function tests during pregnancy is limited by the generalizability of reference intervals between cohorts due to inconsistent methodology. OBJECTIVE: 1) To provide an overview of published ...