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    • Genetic scores to stratify risk of developing multiple islet autoantibodies and type 1 diabetes: A prospective study in children. 

      Bonifacio, E.; Beyerlein, A.; Hippich, M.; Winkler, C.; Vehik, K.; Weedon, M. N.; Laimighofer, M.; Hattersley, Andrew T.; Krumsiek, J.; Frohnert, B. I.; Steck, A. K.; Hagopian, W. A.; Krischer, J. P.; Lernmark, Å.; Rewers, M. J.; She, J-X; Toppari, J.; Akolkar, B.; Oram, Richard A.; Rich, S. S.; Ziegler, A-G (PLoS, 2018-04)
      Around 0.3% of newborns will develop autoimmunity to pancreatic beta cells in childhood and subsequently develop type 1 diabetes before adulthood. Primary prevention of type 1 diabetes will require early intervention in ...