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    • What is the evidence for the use of biologic or biosynthetic meshes in abdominal wall reconstruction? 

      Köckerling, F; Alam, N N; Antoniou, S A; Daniels, Ian R.; Famiglietti, F; Fortelny, R H; Heiss, M M; Kallinowski, F; Kyle-Leinhase, I; Mayer, F; Miserez, M; Montgomery, A; Morales-Conde, S; Muysoms, F; Narang, S K; Petter-Puchner, A; Reinpold, W; Scheuerlein, H; Smietanski, M; Stechemesser, B; Strey, C; Woeste, G; Smart, Neil J. (Springer, 2018-01-31)
      Although many surgeons have adopted the use of biologic and biosynthetic meshes in complex abdominal wall hernia repair, others have questioned the use of these products. Criticism is addressed in several review articles ...