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    • EHS clinical guidelines on the management of the abdominal wall in the context of the open or burst abdomen. 

      López-Cano, M; García-Alamino, J M; Antoniou, Stavros A.; Bennet, D; Dietz, U A; Ferreira, F; Fortelny, R H; Hernandez-Granados, P; Miserez, M; Montgomery, A; Morales-Conde, S; Muysoms, F; Pereira, J A; Schwab, R; Slater, N; Vanlander, A; Van Ramshorst, G H; Berrevoet, F (Springer, 2018-09-03)
      To provide guidelines for all surgical specialists who deal with the open abdomen (OA) or the burst abdomen (BA) in adult patients both on the methods used to close the musculofascial layers of the abdominal wall, and ...