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dc.contributor.authorFerguson, Douglasen
dc.identifier.citationBreast cancer and other breast lumps 2016, 9 (3):179-184 InnovAiT: Education and inspiration for general practiceen
dc.description.abstractEach year, breast lumps are the feature of concern for many thousands of patients presenting to primary care. Due to the major publicity regarding breast cancer, many patients present promptly, concerned that the lump is cancerous. However, a few women present late, resulting in delayed diagnosis of cancer and poorer outcomes. It can be difficult to evaluate symptoms and clinical findings to distinguish between potentially malignant and benign conditions, however, by using the information in this article GPs should be able to improve their ability to manage patients locally and judge when a referral to secondary care is required.en
dc.rightsArchived with thanks to InnovAiT: Education and inspiration for general practiceen
dc.subjectWessex Classification Subject Headings::Oncology. Pathology.en
dc.titleBreast cancer and other breast lumpsen
dc.typeJournal Articleen
dc.identifier.journalInnovAiT: Education and inspiration for general practiceen
dc.description.admin-noteAccepted version (no embargo)en

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