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  • Comment on: Transanal total mesorectal excision and low anterior resection syndrome 

    Walker, E. T.; McDermott, F. D.; Smart, N. J.; Daniels, I. R. (Wiley, 2022-02-04)
  • Preservation of Ovarian Reserve after Laparoscopic Cystectomy 

    Iavazzo, Christos; Vrachnis, Nikolaos; Gkegkes, Ioannis D. (The Korean Society of Menopause., 2022-02-23)
  • Standardization of ileoanal J-pouch surgery technique: Quality assessment of minimally invasive ileoanal J-pouch surgery videos 

    Celentano, V.; Tekkis, P.; Nordenvall, C.; Mills, S.; Spinelli, A.; Smart, N.; Selvaggi, F.; Warren, O.; Espin-Basany, E.; Kontovounisios, C.; Pellino, G.; Warusavitarne, J.; Hancock, L.; Myelid, P.; Remzi, F. (Elsevier, 2021-12-31)
    BACKGROUND: Ileal pouch anal anastomosis is a complex procedure associated with significant morbidity, with several complications after ileal pouch anal anastomosis surgery leading to pouch failure. The aim of the study ...
  • Quality of life in restorative versus non-restorative resections for rectal cancer: systematic review 

    Lawday, S.; Flamey, N.; Fowler, G. E.; Leaning, M.; Dyar, N.; Daniels, I. R.; Smart, N. J.; Hyde, C. (Wiley, 2021-11-09)
    BACKGROUND: Low rectal cancers could be treated using restorative (anterior resection, AR) or non-restorative procedures with an end/permanent stoma (Hartmann's, HE; or abdominoperineal excision, APE). Although the surgical ...
  • Sweetening … the pain: The role of sugar in acutely prolapsed haemorrhoids 

    Gkegkes, I. D.; Dalavouras, N.; Iavazzo, C.; Stamatiadis, A. P. (Unknown, 2021-11-22)
    Haemorrhoids are considered among the most frequent proctologi-cal condition at a general practitioner (GP) practice. Acute prolapse of internal haemorrhoids is presented with oedema, inflammation and acute pain. The ...
  • Exploring two distinct gentamicin prescribing protocols in UK hospitals: a mixed-methods realist evaluation 

    Dyar, N.; Mattick, K.; Bethune, R. (BMJ, 2021-12-23)
    OBJECTIVES: Gentamicin is the aminoglycoside antibiotic of choice in the UK. It has a narrow therapeutic index: underdosing results in inefficacy while overdosing is characterised by nephrotoxicity and ototoxicity. To ...
  • To mesh or not to mesh-the known unknowns of preventing parastomal hernias 

    Rajaretnam, N.; Smart, N. J. (Wiley, 2021-10-18)
  • Use of prophylactic mesh during initial stoma creation to prevent parastomal herniation: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials 

    Mohiuddin, S.; Hollingworth, W.; Rajaretnam, N.; Reeves, B. C.; Smart, N. J. (Wiley, 2021-07-31)
    AIM: Parastomal hernia (PSH) is a common complication following stoma creation. Previous reviews found mesh reinforcement during initial stoma creation beneficial in reducing PSH incidence. Since then, several multicentre ...
  • A semi-Markov model comparing the lifetime cost-effectiveness of mesh prophylaxis to prevent parastomal hernia in patients undergoing end colostomy creation for rectal cancer 

    Mohiuddin, S.; Reeves, B. C.; Smart, N. J.; Hollingworth, W. (Wiley, 2021-07-31)
    AIM: Parastomal hernia (PSH) is a common problem following colostomy. Using prophylactic mesh during end colostomy creation may reduce PSH incidence, but concerns exist regarding the optimal type of mesh, potential long-term ...
  • Editorial: missed opportunities to detect colorectal cancer in inflammatory bowel disease-getting to the root. Authors' reply 

    Chee, Desmond; Kennedy, Nicholas A.; Goodhand, James R.; Ahmad, Tariq (Wiley, 2021-01-01)
  • Glue versus mechanical mesh fixation in laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair: meta-analysis and trial sequential analysis of randomized clinical trials 

    Habib Bedwani, N. A. R.; Kelada, M.; Smart, N.; Szydlo, R.; Patten, D. K.; Bhargava, A. (Wiley, 2021-01-27)
    BACKGROUND: The optimal choice for mesh fixation in laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair (LIHR) has not been well established. This review compared the effects of glue versus mechanical mesh fixation in LIHR on incidence ...
  • Quality of Life after Emergency Hartmann’s Procedure: A Single Centre Retrospective Study 

    Ike Njere*; Muhammad Abdalkoddus, Robert Bethune, Steve Mansfield, Ursula Donigiewicz and Davide Di Mauro (Remedy Publication, 2021-05-13)
    Background: Hartmann?s Procedure (HP) is the resection of the recto-sigmoid colon and creation of an end colostomy. Quality of Life (QoL) is increasingly considered before surgical intervention. This study assesses the ...
  • Characteristics of Early-Onset vs Late-Onset Colorectal Cancer: A Review. 

    Zaborowski, Alexandra M.; Abdile, Ahmed; Adamina, Michel; Aigner, Felix; d'Allens, Laura; Allmer, Caterina; Álvarez, Andrea; Anula, Rocio; Andric, Mihailo; Atallah, Sam; Bach, Simon; Bala, Miklosh; Barussaud, Marie; Bausys, Augustinas; Bebington, Brendan; Beggs, Andrew; Bellolio, Felipe; Bennett, Melissa-Rose; Berdinskikh, Anton; Bevan, Vicki; Biondo, Sebastiano; Bislenghi, Gabriele; Bludau, Marc; Boutall, Adam; Brouwer, Nelleke; Brown, Carl; Bruns, Christiane; Buchanan, Daniel D.; Buchwald, Pamela; Burger, Jacobus W. A.; Burlov, Nikita; Campanelli, Michela; Capdepont, Maylis; Carvello, Michele; Chew, Hwee-Hoon; Christoforidis, Dimitri; Clark, David; Climent, Marta; Cologne, Kyle G.; Contreras, Tomas; Croner, Roland; Daniels, Ian R.; Dapri, Giovanni; Davies, Justin; Delrio, Paolo; Denost, Quentin; Deutsch, Michael; Dias, Andre; D'Hoore, André; Drozdov, Evgeniy; Duek, Daniel; Dunlop, Malcolm; Dziki, Adam; Edmundson, Aleksandra; Efetov, Sergey; El-Hussuna, Alaa; Elliot, Brodie; Emile, Sameh; Espin, Eloy; Evans, Martyn; Faes, Seraina; Faiz, Omar; Fleming, Fergal; Foppa, Caterina; Fowler, George; Frasson, Matteo; Figueiredo, Nuno; Forgan, Tim; Frizelle, Frank; Gadaev, Shamil; Gellona, Jose; Glyn, Tamara; Gong, Jianping; Goran, Barisic; Greenwood, Emma; Guren, Marianne G.; Guillon, Stephanie; Gutlic, Ida; Hahnloser, Dieter; Hampel, Heather; Hanly, Ann; Hasegawa, Hirotoshi; Iversen, Lene Hjerrild; Hill, Andrew; Hill, James; Hoch, Jiri; Hoffmeister, Michael; Hompes, Roel; Hurtado, Luis; Iaquinandi, Fabiano; Imbrasaite, Ugne; Islam, Rumana; Jafari, Mehrenah Dorna; Kanemitsu, Yukihide; Karachun, Aleksei; Karimuddin, Ahmer A.; Keller, Deborah S.; Kelly, Justin; Kennelly, Rory; Khrykov, Gleb; Kocian, Peter; Koh, Cherry; Kok, Neils; Knight, Katrina A.; Knol, Joep; Kontovounisios, Christos; Korner, Hartwig; Krivokapic, Zoran; Kronberger, Irmgard; Kroon, Hidde Maarten; Kryzauskas, Marius; Kural, Said; Kusters, Miranda; Lakkis, Zaher; Lankov, Timur; Larson, Dave; Lázár, György; Lee, Kai-Yin; Lee, Suk Hwan; Lefèvre, Jérémie H.; Lepisto, Anna; Lieu, Christopher; Loi, Lynette; Lynch, Craig; Maillou-Martinaud, Helene; Maroli, Annalisa; Martin, Sean; Martling, Anna; Matzel, Klaus E.; Mayol, Julio; McDermott, Frank; Meurette, Guillaume; Millan, Monica; Mitteregger, Martin; Moiseenko, Andrei; Monson, John R. T.; Morarasu, Stefan; Moritani, Konosuke; Möslein, Gabriela; Munini, Martino; Nahas, Caio; Nahas, Sergio; Negoi, Ionut; Novikova, Anastasia; Ocares, Misael; Okabayashi, Koji; Olkina, Alexandra; Oñate-Ocaña, Luis; Otero, Jaime; Ozen, Cihan; Pace, Ugo; São Julião, Guilherme Pagin; Panaiotti, Lidiia; Panis, Yves; Papamichael, Demetris; Park, Jason; Patel, Swati; Patrón Uriburu, Juan Carlos; Pera, Miguel; Perez, Rodrigo O.; Petrov, Alexei; Pfeffer, Frank; Phang, P. Terry; Poskus, Tomas; Pringle, Heather; Proud, David; Raguz, Ivana; Rama, Nuno; Rasheed, Shahnawaz; Raval, Manoj J.; Rega, Daniela; Reissfelder, Christoph; Reyes Meneses, Juan Carlos; Ris, Frederic; Riss, Stefan; Rodriguez-Zentner, Homero; Roxburgh, Campbell S.; Saklani, Avanish; Salido, Andrea Jiménez; Sammour, Tarik; Saraste, Deborah; Schneider, Martin; Seishima, Ryo; Sekulic, Aleksandar; Seppala, Toni; Sheahan, Kieran; Shine, Rebecca; Shlomina, Alexandra; Sica, Guiseppe S.; Singnomklao, Tongplaew; Siragusa, Leandro; Smart, Neil; Solis, Alejandro; Spinelli, Antonino; Staiger, Roxane D.; Stamos, Michael J.; Steele, Scott; Sunderland, Michael; Tan, Ker-Kan; Tanis, Pieter J.; Tekkis, Paris; Teklay, Biniam; Tengku, Sabrina; Jiménez-Toscano, Marta; Tsarkov, Petr; Turina, Matthias; Ulrich, Alexis; Vailati, Bruna B.; van Harten, Meike; Verhoef, Kees; Warrier, Satish; Wexner, Steve; de Wilt, Hans; Weinberg, Benjamin A.; Wells, Cameron; Wolthuis, Albert; Xynos, Evangelos; You, Nancy; Zakharenko, Alexander; Zeballos, Justino; Winter, Des C. (American Medical Association, 2021-06-30)
    IMPORTANCE: The incidence of early-onset colorectal cancer (younger than 50 years) is rising globally, the reasons for which are unclear. It appears to represent a unique disease process with different clinical, pathological, ...
  • Hernia rationing: an assessment of commissioning guidelines 

    Gewanter, W; Hubbard, T; Ferguson, D (Royal College of Surgeons, 2021-06-01)
    Introduction Hernias are a common surgical condition. Most guidelines recommend repair in almost all cases. NHS Devon clinical commissioning group (CCG) guidelines restrict the commissioning of hernia repair. The aim of ...
  • Implications for the colorectal surgeon following the 100 000 Genomes Project. 

    McDermott, Frank D.; Newton, Katy; Beggs, Andrew D.; Clark, Susan K. (Wiley, 2021-05-01)
    AIM: The 100 000 Genomes Project was completed in 2019 with the objective of integrating genomic medicine into routine National Health Service (NHS) clinical pathways. This project and genomic research will revolutionize ...
  • The Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland consensus guidelines in emergency colorectal surgery. 

    Miller, Andrew S.; Boyce, Kathryn; Box, Benjamin; Clarke, Matthew D.; Duff, Sarah E.; Foley, Niamh M.; Guy, Richard J.; Massey, Lisa H.; Ramsay, George; Slade, Dominic A. J.; Stephenson, James A.; Tozer, Phil J.; Wright, Danette (Wiley, 2021-02-01)
    AIM: There is a requirement for an expansive and up to date review of the management of emergency colorectal conditions seen in adults. The primary objective is to provide detailed evidence-based guidelines for the target ...
  • Translation and international validation of the Colostomy Impact score. 

    Kristensen, Helle Ø; Thyø, Anne; Jøssing Emmertsen, Katrine; Smart, Neil J.; Pinkney, Thomas; Warwick, Andrea M.; Pang, Dong; Furnée, Edgar J. B.; Verkuijl, Sanne J.; José Rama, Nuno; Domingos, Hugo; Maciel, João; Solis-Peña, Alejandro; Espín Basany, Eloy; Hidalgo-Pujol, Marta; Biondo, Sebastian; Sjövall, Annika; Christensen, Peter (Wiley, 2021-03-16)
    AIM: Optimal oncological resection in cancers of the lower rectum often requires a permanent colostomy. However, in some patients a colostomy may have a negative impact on health-related quality of life (HRQoL). The Colostomy ...
  • A systematic review of outcome reporting in incisional hernia surgery. 

    Harji, D.; Thomas, C.; Antoniou, S. A.; Chandraratan, H.; Griffiths, B.; Henniford, B. T.; Horgan, L.; Köckerling, F.; López-Cano, M.; Massey, L.; Miserez, M.; Montgomery, A.; Muysoms, F.; Poulose, B. K.; Reinpold, W.; Smart, N. (Wiley, 2021-03-05)
    BACKGROUND: The incidence of incisional hernia is up to 20 per cent after abdominal surgery. The management of patients with incisional hernia can be complex with an array of techniques and meshes available. Ensuring ...
  • Protocol for the UK cohort study to investigate the prevention of parastomal hernia (the CIPHER study). 

    Tabusa, Hana; Blazeby, Jane M.; Blencowe, Natalie; Callaway, Mark; Daniels, Ian R.; Gunning, Amanda; Hollingworth, William; McNair, Augus G.; Murkin, Charlotte; Pinkney, Thomas D.; Rogers, Chris A.; Smart, Neil J.; Reeves, Barnaby C. (Wiley, 2021-03-09)
    AIM: Abdominal surgery sometimes necessitates the creation of a stoma, which can cause future complications including parastomal hernia (PSH), an incisional hernia adjacent to and related to the stoma. PSH affects approximately ...
  • Giant hiatus hernia presenting as a chronic cough masking a sinister diagnosis. 

    Mukundu Nagesh, Navin; Osilli, Dixon; Khoo, David (BMJ, 2020-12-10)
    We present a case of an 82-year-old gentleman with an 18-month history of productive cough. Urgent CT scan of the thorax revealed type 1 hiatus hernia (HH). The patient was managed conservatively with lifestyle modifications ...

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