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    • Expanding the Clinical Spectrum Associated With GLIS3 Mutations. 

      Dimitri, P.; Habeb, A. M.; Gurbuz, F.; Millward, A.; Wallis, S.; Moussa, K.; Akcay, T.; Taha, D.; Hogue, J.; Slavotinek, A.; Wales, J. K. H.; Shetty, A.; Hawkes, D.; Hattersley, Andrew T.; Ellard, Sian; De Franco, Elisa (Endocrine Society, 2015-10)
      GLIS3 (GLI-similar 3) is a member of the GLI-similar zinc finger protein family encoding for a nuclear protein with 5 C2H2-type zinc finger domains. The protein is expressed early in embryogenesis and plays a critical role ...