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  • Early experience and patient-reported outcomes of 503 INFINITY total ankle arthroplasties 

    Townshend, D. N.; Bing, A. J. F.; Clough, T. M.; Sharpe, I. T.; Goldberg, A. (Atypon, 2021-07-02)
    AIMS: This is a multicentre, non-inventor, prospective observational study of 503 INFINITY fixed bearing total ankle arthroplasties (TAAs). We report our early experience, complications, and radiological and functional ...
  • Fatal insomnia: the elusive prion disease 

    Patel, D.; Ibrahim, H.; Rankin, J.; Hilton, D.; Barria, M. A.; Ritchie, D. L.; Smith, C.; Zeman, A. (BMJ, 2021-06-22)
    A previously well 54-?year-old woman presented with a short history of diplopia, cognitive decline, hallucinations and hypersomnolence. The patient had progressive deterioration in short-term memory, ocular convergence ...
  • Grade IV blunt hepatic injury treated conservatively and successfully in a non-trauma centre: a case report 

    Berg, Sebastian; Schoutheete, Jean-Charles De; Mauro, Davide Di; Gregori, Matteo; Ricciardi, Edoardo; Manzelli, Antonio (NIHR, 2021-07-01)
  • Breast and Prostate Cancer Risks for Male BRCA1 and BRCA2 Pathogenic Variant Carriers Using Polygenic Risk Scores 

    Barnes, D. R.; Silvestri, V.; Leslie, G.; McGuffog, L.; Dennis, J.; Yang, X.; Adlard, J.; Agnarsson, B. A.; Ahmed, M.; Aittomäki, K.; Andrulis, I. L.; Arason, A.; Arnold, N.; Auber, B.; Azzollini, J.; Balmaña, J.; Barkardottir, R. B.; Barrowdale, D.; Barwell, J.; Belotti, M.; Benitez, J.; Berthet, P.; Boonen, S. E.; Borg, Å; Bozsik, A.; Brady, A.; Brennan, P.; Brewer, C.; Brunet, J.; Bucalo, A.; Buys, S. S.; Caldés, T.; Caligo, M. A.; Campbell, I.; Cassingham, H.; Lotte Christensen, L.; Cini, G.; Claes, K. B. M.; Cook, J.; Coppa, A.; Cortesi, L.; Damante, G.; Darder, E.; Davidson, R.; de la Hoya, M.; De Leeneer, K.; de Putter, R.; Del Valle, J.; Diez, O.; Chun Ding, Y.; Domchek, S. M.; Donaldson, A.; Eason, J.; Eeles, R.; Engel, C.; Gareth Evans, D.; Feliubadaló, L.; Fostira, F.; Frone, M.; Frost, D.; Gallagher, D.; Gehrig, A.; Giraud, S.; Glendon, G.; Godwin, A. K.; Goldgar, D. E.; Greene, M. H.; Gregory, H.; Gross, E.; Hahnen, E.; Hamann, U.; Hansen, T. V. O.; Hanson, H.; Hentschel, J.; Horvath, J.; Izatt, L.; Izquierdo, A.; James, P. A.; Janavicius, R.; Birk Jensen, U.; Johannsson, O. T.; John, E. M.; Kramer, G.; Kroeldrup, L.; Kruse, T. A.; Lautrup, C.; Lazaro, C.; Lesueur, F.; Lopez-Fernández, A.; Mai, P. L.; Manoukian, S.; Matrai, Z.; Matricardi, L.; Maxwell, K. N.; Mebirouk, N.; Meindl, A.; Montagna, M.; Monteiro, A. N.; Morrison, P. J.; Muranen, T. A.; Murray, A.; Nathanson, K. L.; Neuhausen, S. L.; Nevanlinna, H.; Nguyen-Dumont, T.; Niederacher, D.; Olah, E.; Olopade, O. I.; Palli, D.; Parsons, M. T.; Sokilde Pedersen, I.; Peissel, B.; Perez-Segura, P.; Peterlongo, P.; Petersen, A. H.; Pinto, P.; Porteous, M. E.; Pottinger, C.; Angel Pujana, M.; Radice, P.; Ramser, J.; Rantala, J.; Robson, M.; Rogers, M. T.; Rønlund, K.; Rump, A.; María Sánchez de Abajo, A.; Shah, P. D.; Sharif, S.; Side, L. E.; Singer, C. F.; Stadler, Z.; Steele, L.; Stoppa-Lyonnet, D.; Sutter, C.; Yen Tan, Y.; Teixeira, M. R.; Teulé, A.; Thull, D. L.; Tischkowitz, M.; Toland, A. E.; Tommasi, S.; Toss, A.; Trainer, A. H.; Tripathi, V.; Valentini, V.; van Asperen, C. J.; Venturelli, M.; Viel, A.; Vijai, J.; Walker, L.; Wang-Gohrke, S.; Wappenschmidt, B.; Whaite, A.; Zanna, I.; Offit, K.; Thomassen, M.; Couch, F. J.; Schmutzler, R. K.; Simard, J.; Easton, D. F.; Chenevix-Trench, G.; Antoniou, A. C.; Ottini, L. (Oxford University Press, 2021-07-28)
    BACKGROUND: Recent population-based female breast cancer and prostate cancer polygenic risk scores (PRS) have been developed. We assessed the associations of these PRS with breast and prostate cancer risks for male BRCA1 ...
  • Does insulin resistance influence neurodegeneration in non-diabetic Alzheimer's subjects? 

    Femminella, G. D.; Livingston, N. R.; Raza, S.; van der Doef, T.; Frangou, E.; Love, S.; Busza, G.; Calsolaro, V.; Carver, S.; Holmes, C.; Ritchie, C. W.; Lawrence, R. M.; McFarlane, B.; Tadros, G.; Ridha, B. H.; Bannister, C.; Walker, Z.; Archer, H.; Coulthard, E.; Underwood, B.; Prasanna, A.; Koranteng, P.; Karim, S.; Junaid, K.; McGuinness, B.; Passmore, A. P.; Nilforooshan, R.; Macharouthu, A.; Donaldson, A.; Thacker, S.; Russell, G.; Malik, N.; Mate, V.; Knight, L.; Kshemendran, S.; Tan, T.; Holscher, C.; Harrison, J.; Brooks, D. J.; Ballard, C.; Edison, P. (BMC, 2021-02-17)
    BACKGROUND: Type 2 diabetes is a risk factor for Alzheimer's disease (AD), and AD brain shows impaired insulin signalling. The role of peripheral insulin resistance on AD aetiopathogenesis in non-diabetic patients is still ...
  • DR15-DQ6 remains dominantly protective against type 1 diabetes throughout the first five decades of life 

    Thomas, N. J.; Dennis, J. M.; Sharp, S. A.; Kaur, A.; Misra, S.; Walkey, H. C.; Johnston, D. G.; Oliver, N. S.; Hagopian, W. A.; Weedon, M. N.; Patel, K. A.; Oram, R. A. (Springer, 2021-07-18)
    AIMS/HYPOTHESIS: Among white European children developing type 1 diabetes, the otherwise common HLA haplotype DR15-DQ6 is rare, and highly protective. Adult-onset type 1 diabetes is now known to represent more overall cases ...
  • Characterization of DNA Methylomic Signatures in Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells During Neuronal Differentiation 

    Imm, J.; Pishva, E.; Ali, M.; Kerrigan, T. L.; Jeffries, A.; Burrage, J.; Glaab, E.; Cope, E. L.; Jones, K. M.; Allen, N. D.; Lunnon, K. (Frontiers Media, 2021-07-01)
    In development, differentiation from a pluripotent state results in global epigenetic changes, although the extent to which this occurs in induced pluripotent stem cell-based neuronal models has not been extensively ...
  • Development and Validation of Image-Based Deep Learning Models to Predict Surgical Complexity and Complications in Abdominal Wall Reconstruction 

    Elhage, S. A.; Deerenberg, E. B.; Ayuso, S. A.; Murphy, K. J.; Shao, J. M.; Kercher, K. W.; Smart, N. J.; Fischer, J. P.; Augenstein, V. A.; Colavita, P. D.; Heniford, B. T. (American Medical Association, 2021-07-07)
    IMPORTANCE: Image-based deep learning models (DLMs) have been used in other disciplines, but this method has yet to be used to predict surgical outcomes. OBJECTIVE: To apply image-based deep learning to predict complexity, ...
  • Dawning of a new ERA: Environmental Risk Assessment of antibiotics and their potential to select for antimicrobial resistance 

    Murray, A. K.; Stanton, I.; Gaze, W. H.; Snape, J. (Elsevier, 2021-07-15)
    Antibiotics and antimicrobials are used, misused and overused in human and veterinary medicine, animal husbandry and aquaculture. These compounds can persist in both human and animal waste and then enter the environment ...
  • Clinical judgement of GPs for the diagnosis of dementia: a diagnostic test accuracy study 

    Creavin, S. T.; Haworth, J.; Fish, M.; Cullum, S.; Bayer, A.; Purdy, S.; Ben-Shlomo, Y. (Royal College of General Practitioners, 2021-07-27)
    BACKGROUND: GPs often report using clinical judgement to diagnose dementia. AIM: Investigate the accuracy of GPs' clinical judgement for the diagnosis of dementia. DESIGN & SETTING: Diagnostic test accuracy study, recruiting ...
  • Correction to: A Review of Aflibercept Treatment for Macular Disease 

    Anguita, R.; Tasiopoulou, A.; Shahid, S.; Roth, J.; Sim, S. Y.; Patel, P. J. (Springer, 2021-08-01)
  • Behavioral and Neural Signatures of Visual Imagery Vividness Extremes: Aphantasia versus Hyperphantasia 

    Milton, F.; Fulford, J.; Dance, C.; Gaddum, J.; Heuerman-Williamson, B.; Jones, K.; Knight, K. F.; MacKisack, M.; Winlove, C.; Zeman, A. (Oxford University Press, 2021-05-05)
    Although Galton recognized in the 1880s that some individuals lack visual imagery, this phenomenon was mostly neglected over the following century. We recently coined the terms aphantasia" and "hyperphantasia" to describe ...
  • Defining a Severe Asthma Super-Responder: Findings from a Delphi Process 

    Upham, J. W.; Le Lievre, C.; Jackson, D. J.; Masoli, M.; Wechsler, M. E.; Price, D. B. (Elsevier, 2021-07-13)
    BACKGROUND: Clinicians are increasingly recognizing severe asthma patients in whom biologics and other add-on therapies lead to dramatic improvement. Currently, there is no agreed-upon super-responder (SR) definition. ...
  • Diagnosis of knee prosthetic joint infection; aspiration and biopsy 

    Salar, O.; Phillips, J.; Porter, R. (Elsevier, 2021-05-05)
    BACKGROUND: Prosthetic joint infection (PJI) is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality following knee replacement surgery. The diagnosis can be challenging and is based on a combination of clinical suspicion, ...
  • DNA methylation-based sex classifier to predict sex and identify sex chromosome aneuploidy 

    Wang, Y.; Hannon, E.; Grant, O. A.; Gorrie-Stone, T. J.; Kumari, M.; Mill, J.; Zhai, X.; McDonald-Maier, K. D.; Schalkwyk, L. C. (BioMed Central, 2021-06-28)
    BACKGROUND: Sex is an important covariate of epigenome-wide association studies due to its strong influence on DNA methylation patterns across numerous genomic positions. Nevertheless, many samples on the Gene Expression ...
  • A meta-analysis of epigenome-wide association studies in Alzheimer's disease highlights novel differentially methylated loci across cortex 

    Smith, R. G.; Pishva, E.; Shireby, G.; Smith, A. R.; Roubroeks, J. A. Y.; Hannon, E.; Wheildon, G.; Mastroeni, D.; Gasparoni, G.; Riemenschneider, M.; Giese, A.; Sharp, A. J.; Schalkwyk, L.; Haroutunian, V.; Viechtbauer, W.; van den Hove, D. L. A.; Weedon, M.; Brokaw, D.; Francis, P. T.; Thomas, A. J.; Love, S.; Morgan, K.; Walter, J.; Coleman, P. D.; Bennett, D. A.; De Jager, P. L.; Mill, J.; Lunnon, K. (Nature, 2021-06-10)
    Epigenome-wide association studies of Alzheimer's disease have highlighted neuropathology-associated DNA methylation differences, although existing studies have been limited in sample size and utilized different brain ...
  • 100 years of insulin: celebrating the past, present and future of diabetes therapy 

    Sims, E. K.; Carr, A. L. J.; Oram, R. A.; DiMeglio, L. A.; Evans-Molina, C. (Nature, 2021-07-15)
    The year 2021 marks the centennial of Banting and Best's landmark description of the discovery of insulin. This discovery and insulin's rapid clinical deployment effectively transformed type 1 diabetes from a fatal diagnosis ...
  • Associations between low HDL, sex and cardiovascular risk markers are substantially different in sub-Saharan Africa and the UK: analysis of four population studies 

    Greiner, R.; Nyrienda, M.; Rodgers, L.; Asiki, G.; Banda, L.; Shields, B.; Hattersley, A.; Crampin, A.; Newton, R.; Jones, A. (BMJ, 2021-05-01)
    INTRODUCTION: Low high-density lipoprotein (HDL) is widely used as a marker of cardiovascular disease risk, although this relationship is not causal and is likely mediated through associations with other risk factors. Low ...
  • A Rare Finding A Left Atrial Cavernous Haemangioma 

    Gower, Hower; He, Jingzhou; Davies, Timothy; George, Anish (EMJ, 2021-07-01)
  • A national retrospective study of the association between serious operational problems and COVID-19 specific intensive care mortality risk 

    Wilde, H.; Dennis, J. M.; McGovern, A. P.; Vollmer, S. J.; Mateen, B. A. (PLoS One, 2021-07-29)
    OBJECTIVES: To describe the relationship between reported serious operational problems (SOPs), and mortality for patients with COVID-19 admitted to intensive care units (ICUs). DESIGN: English national retrospective cohort ...

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