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    • How to study effectively. 

      Fowler, A.; Whitehurst, Katharine; Al Omran, Y.; Rajmohan, S.; Udeaja, Y.; Koshy, K.; Gundogan, B. (LWW, 2017-07)
      The ability to study effectively is an essential part of completing a medical degree. To cope with the vast amount of information and skills needed to be acquired, it is necessary develop effective study techniques. In ...
    • Why apply for an intercalated research degree? 

      Agha, R.; Fowler, A.; Whitehurst, Katharine; Rajmohan, S.; Gundogan, B.; Koshy, K. (LWW, 2017-07)
      Intercalated degrees are commonly undertaken as part of the medical undergraduate course. In this article, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of intercalation, along with alternatives that could be considered.