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    Ghost teeth
    (Springer Nature, 2023-04-01) Simon, S.; Kneafsey, L.
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    The rosetta stone of successful ageing: does oral health have a role?
    (Springer, 2023-07-01) Poser, M.; Sing, K. E. A.; Ebert, T.; Ziebolz, D.; Schmalz, G.
    Ageing is an inevitable aspect of life and thus successful ageing is an important focus of recent scientific efforts. The biological process of ageing is mediated through the interaction of genes with environmental factors, increasing the body's susceptibility to insults. Elucidating this process will increase our ability to prevent and treat age-related disease and consequently extend life expectancy. Notably, centenarians offer a unique perspective on the phenomenon of ageing. Current research highlights several age-associated alterations on the genetic, epigenetic and proteomic level. Consequently, nutrient sensing and mitochondrial function are altered, resulting in inflammation and exhaustion of regenerative ability.Oral health, an important contributor to overall health, remains underexplored in the context of extreme longevity. Good masticatory function ensures sufficient nutrient uptake, reducing morbidity and mortality in old age. The relationship between periodontal disease and systemic inflammatory pathologies is well established. Diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and cardiovascular disease are among the most significant disease burdens influenced by inflammatory oral health conditions. Evidence suggests that the interaction is bi-directional, impacting progression, severity and mortality. Current models of ageing and longevity neglect an important factor in overall health and well-being, a gap that this review intends to illustrate and inspire avenues for future research.