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    • Impact of home parenteral nutrition on family members: A national multi-centre cross-sectional study 

      French, C.; Lal, S.; Jones, D.; Sowerbutts, A. M.; Brundrett, D.; Burch, N.; Calvert, C.; Cooper, S. C.; Donnellan, C.; Forbes, A.; Gabe, S.; Lam, C.; Major, G.; Mountford, C. G.; Muggridge, R.; Natarajan, B.; Neild, P.; Rogers, D.; Sharkey, L.; Thompson, B.; Wheatley, C.; Burden, S. (Elsevier, 2021-12-23)
      BACKGROUND & AIMS: Home parenteral nutrition (HPN) is a necessary treatment for patients with chronic, type 3, intestinal failure (IF). HPN often requires lifestyle adaptations, which are likely to affect quality of life ...