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    • (11)C-methionine PET aids localization of microprolactinomas in patients with intolerance or resistance to dopamine agonist therapy 

      Bashari, W. A.; van der Meulen, M.; MacFarlane, J.; Gillett, D.; Senanayake, R.; Serban, L.; Powlson, A. S.; Brooke, A. M.; Scoffings, D. J.; Jones, J.; O'Donovan, D. G.; Tysome, J.; Santarius, T.; Donnelly, N.; Boros, I.; Aigbirhio, F.; Jefferies, S.; Cheow, H. K.; Mendichovszky, I. A.; Kolias, A. G.; Mannion, R.; Koulouri, O.; Gurnell, M. (Springer, 2022-08-01)
      PURPOSE: To assess the potential for (11)C-methionine PET (Met-PET) coregistered with volumetric magnetic resonance imaging (Met-PET/MR(CR)) to inform clinical decision making in patients with poorly visualized or occult ...