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    • Breast Angiosarcoma Surveillance Study: UK national audit of management and outcomes of angiosarcoma of the breast and chest wall 

      Banks, J.; George, J.; Potter, S.; Gardiner, M. D.; Ives, C.; Shaaban, A. M.; Singh, J.; Sherriff, J.; Hallissey, M. T.; Horgan, K.; Harnett, A.; Desai, A.; Ferguson, D. J.; Tillett, R.; Izadi, D.; Sadideen, H.; Jain, A.; Gerrand, C.; Holcombe, C.; Hayes, A.; Teoh, V.; Wyld, L. (Wiley, 2021-04-30)
      BACKGROUND: Breast angiosarcomas are rare tumours of vascular origin. Secondary angiosarcoma occurs following radiotherapy for breast cancer. Angiosarcomas have high recurrence and poor survival rates. This is concerning ...