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    • Successful treatment of residual pituitary adenoma in persistent acromegaly following localisation by 11C-methionine PET-CT co-registered with MRI. 

      Koulouri, O.; Kandasamy, N.; Hoole, A. C.; Gillett, D.; Heard, S.; Powlson, A. S.; O'Donovan, D. G.; Annamalai, A. K.; Simpson, H.; Akker, Scott A.; Aylwin, S.; Brooke, Antonia; Buch, H.; Levy, M.; Martin, N. M.; Morris, D.; Parkinson, C.; Tysome, J. R.; Santarius, T.; Donnelly, N. A.; Buscombe, J.; Boros, I.; Smith, R.; Aigbirhio, F.; Antoun, N. M.; Burnet, N. G.; Cheow, H.; Mannion, R. J.; Pickard, J. D.; Gurnell, M. (European Society of Endocrinology, 2016-08-25)
      To determine if functional imaging using (11)C-methionine positron emission tomography computed tomography, co-registered with 3D gradient echo MRI (Met-PET/MRI), can identify sites of residual active tumour in treated ...