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    • Postradioiodine Graves' management: The PRAGMA study 

      Perros, P.; Basu, A.; Boelaert, K.; Dayan, C.; Vaidya, B.; Williams, G. R.; Lazarus, J. H.; Hickey, J.; Drake, W. M.; Crown, A.; Orme, S. M.; Johnson, A.; Ray, D. W.; Leese, G. P.; Jones, T. H.; Abraham, P.; Grossman, A.; Rees, A.; Razvi, S.; Gibb, F. W.; Moran, C.; Madathil, A.; Žarković, M. P.; Plummer, Z.; Jarvis, S.; Falinska, A.; Velusamy, A.; Sanderson, V.; Pariani, N.; Atkin, S. L.; Syed, A. A.; Sathyapalan, T.; Nag, S.; Gilbert, J.; Gleeson, H.; Levy, M. J.; Johnston, C.; Sturrock, N.; Bennett, S.; Mishra, B.; Malik, I.; Karavitaki, N. (Wiley, 2022-03-11)
      OBJECTIVE: Thyroid status in the months following radioiodine (RI) treatment for Graves' disease can be unstable. Our objective was to quantify frequency of abnormal thyroid function post-RI and compare effectiveness of ...