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    • Pharmacogenomics in diabetes: outcomes of thiamine therapy in TRMA syndrome. 

      Habeb, A.M.; Flanagan, S. E.; Zulali, M. A.; Abdullah, M. A.; Pomahačová, R.; Boyadzhiev, V.; Colindres, L. E.; Godoy, G. V.; Vasanthi, T.; Al Saif, R.; Setoodeh, A.; Haghighi, A.; Haghighi, A.; Shaalan, Y.; Hattersley, Andrew T.; Ellard, Sian; De Franco, E. (Springer, 2018-02-15)
      Diabetes is one of the cardinal features of thiamine-responsive megaloblastic anaemia (TRMA) syndrome. Current knowledge of this rare monogenic diabetes subtype is limited. We investigated the genotype, phenotype and ...