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    • Renal artery sympathetic denervation: observations from the UK experience. 

      Sharp, Andrew S P; Davies, J E; Lobo, M D; Bent, C L; Mark, P B; Burchell, A E; Thackray, S D; Martin, U; McKane, W S; Gerber, R T; Wilkinson, J R; Antonios, T F; Doulton, T W; Patterson, T; Clifford, P C; Lindsay, A; Houston, G J; Freedman, J; Das, N; Belli, A M; Faris, M; Cleveland, T J; Nightingale, A K; Hameed, A; Mahadevan, K; Finegold, J A; Mather, A N; Levy, T; D'Souza, R; Riley, P; Moss, J G; Di Mario, C; Redwood, S R; Baumbach, A; Caulfield, M J; Dasgupta, I (Springer, 2016-01-22)
      Renal denervation (RDN) may lower blood pressure (BP); however, it is unclear whether medication changes may be confounding results. Furthermore, limited data exist on pattern of ambulatory blood pressure (ABP) ...