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    • Treatment Trials in Young Patients with COPD and Pre-COPD Patients: Time to Move Forward 

      Martinez, F. J.; Agusti, A.; Celli, B. R.; Han, M. K.; Allinson, J.; Bhatt, S. P.; Calverley, P.; Chotirmall, S. H.; Chowdhury, B.; Darken, P.; Da Silva, C. A.; Donaldson, G.; Dorinsky, P.; Dransfield, M.; Faner, R.; Halpin, D. M.; Jones, P.; Krishnan, J. A.; Locantore, N.; Martinez, F. D.; Mullerova, H.; Price, D.; Rabe, K. F.; Reisner, C.; Singh, D.; Vestbo, J.; Vogelmeier, C. F.; Wise, R. A.; Tal-Singer, R.; Wedzicha, J. A. (Atypon, 2021-10-21)
      Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is the end-result of a series of dynamic and cumulative gene-environment interactions over a lifetime. The evolving understanding of COPD biology provides novel opportunities for ...