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    • Does insulin resistance influence neurodegeneration in non-diabetic Alzheimer's subjects? 

      Femminella, G. D.; Livingston, N. R.; Raza, S.; van der Doef, T.; Frangou, E.; Love, S.; Busza, G.; Calsolaro, V.; Carver, S.; Holmes, C.; Ritchie, C. W.; Lawrence, R. M.; McFarlane, B.; Tadros, G.; Ridha, B. H.; Bannister, C.; Walker, Z.; Archer, H.; Coulthard, E.; Underwood, B.; Prasanna, A.; Koranteng, P.; Karim, S.; Junaid, K.; McGuinness, B.; Passmore, A. P.; Nilforooshan, R.; Macharouthu, A.; Donaldson, A.; Thacker, S.; Russell, G.; Malik, N.; Mate, V.; Knight, L.; Kshemendran, S.; Tan, T.; Holscher, C.; Harrison, J.; Brooks, D. J.; Ballard, C.; Edison, P. (BMC, 2021-02-17)
      BACKGROUND: Type 2 diabetes is a risk factor for Alzheimer's disease (AD), and AD brain shows impaired insulin signalling. The role of peripheral insulin resistance on AD aetiopathogenesis in non-diabetic patients is still ...