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    • LAP-VEGaS Practice Guidelines for Reporting of Educational Videos in Laparoscopic Surgery: A Joint Trainers and Trainees Consensus Statement. 

      Celentano, V.; Smart, Neil J.; McGrath, John S; Cahill, R. A.; Spinelli, A.; Obermair, A.; Hasegawa, H.; Lal, P.; Almoudaris, A. M.; Hitchins, C. R.; Pellino, G.; Browning, M. G.; Ishida, T.; Luvisetto, F.; Cingiloglu, P.; Gash, K.; Harries, R.; Harji, D.; Di Candido, F.; Cassinotti, E.; McDermott, Frank D.; Berry, J. E. A.; Battersby, N. J.; Platt, E.; Campain, Nick J.; Keeler, B. D.; Boni, L.; Gupta, S.; Griffith, J. P.; Acheson, A. G.; Cecil, T. D.; Coleman, M. G. (Wolters Kluwer, 2018-03-05)
      Consensus statement by an international multispecialty trainers and trainees expert committee on guidelines for reporting of educational videos in laparoscopic surgery.