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    • Mercaptopurine versus placebo to prevent recurrence of Crohn's disease after surgical resection (TOPPIC): a multicentre, double-blind, randomised controlled trial. 

      Mowat, C.; Arnott, I.; Cahill, A.; Smith, M.; Ahmad, Tariq; Subramanian, S.; Travis, S.; Morris, J.; Hamlin, J.; Dhar, A.; Nwokolo, C.; Edwards, C.; Creed, T.; Bloom, S.; Yousif, M.; Thomas, L.; Campbell, S.; Lewis, S. J.; Sebastian, S.; Sen, S.; Lal, S.; Hawkey, C.; Murray, C.; Cummings, F.; Goh, J.; Lindsay, J. O.; Arebi, N.; Potts, L.; McKinley, A. J.; Thomson, J. M.; Todd, J. A.; Collie, M.; Dunlop, M. G.; Mowat, A.; Gaya, D. R.; Winter, J.; Naismith, G. D.; Ennis, H.; Keerie, C.; Lewis, S. C.; Prescott, R. J.; Kennedy, Nicholas A.; Satsangi, J. (Elsevier, 2016-12)
      Up to 60% of patients with Crohn's disease need intestinal resection within the first 10 years of diagnosis, and postoperative recurrence is common. We investigated whether mercaptopurine can prevent or delay postoperative ...