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    • Hyperglycaemia-related complications at the time of diagnosis can cause permanent neurological disability in children with neonatal diabetes. 

      Day, Jacob O.; Flanagan, S. E.; Shepherd, Maggie; Patrick, A W; Abid, N.; Torrens, L; Zeman, Adam; Patel, Kashyap; Hattersley, Andrew T. (Wiley, 2017-02-07)
      Children with neonatal diabetes often present with diabetic ketoacidosis and hence are at risk of cerebral oedema and subsequent long-term neurological deficits. These complications are difficult to identify because ...
    • Increased Population Risk of AIP-related Acromegaly and Gigantism in Ireland. 

      Radian, S.; Diekmann, Y.; Gabrovska, P.; Holland, B.; Bradley, L.; Wallace, H.; Stals, Karen; Bussell, Anna-Marie; McGurren, K.; Cuesta, M.; Ryan, A. W.; Herincs, M.; Hernández-Ramírez, L. C.; Holland, A.; Samuels, J.; Aflorei, E. D.; Barry, S.; Dénes, J.; Pernicova, I.; Stiles, C. E.; Trivellin, G.; McCloskey, R.; Azjensztejn, M.; Abid, N.; Akker, S. A.; Mercado, M.; Cohen, M.; Thakker, R. V.; Baldeweg, S.; Barkan, A.; Musat, M.; Levy, M. L.; Orme, S.; Unterländer, M.; Burger, J.; Kumar, A. V.; Ellard, Sian; McPartlin, J.; McManus, R.; Linden, G. J.; Atkinson, B.; Balding, D.; Agha, A.; Thompson, C. J.; Hunter, S. J.; Thomas, M. G.; Morrison, P. J.; Korbonits, M. (Wiley, 2016-09-21)
      The aryl hydrocarbon receptor interacting protein (AIP) founder mutation R304* (or p.R304*; NM_003977.3:c.910C>T, p.Arg304Ter) identified in Northern Ireland (NI) predisposes to acromegaly/gigantism; its population health ...