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    • A comprehensive high cost drugs dataset from the NHS in England - An OpenSAFELY-TPP Short Data Report 

      Rowan, A.; Bates, C.; Hulme, W.; Evans, D.; Davy, S.; N, A. Kennedy; Galloway, J.; K, E. Mansfield; Bechman, K.; Matthewman, J.; Yates, M.; Brown, J.; Schultze, A.; Norton, S.; A, J. Walker; C, E. Morton; Bhaskaran, K.; C, T. Rentsch; Williamson, E.; Croker, R.; Bacon, S.; Hickman, G.; Ward, T.; Green, A.; Fisher, L.; H, J. Curtis; Tazare, J.; R, M. Eggo; Inglesby, P.; Cockburn, J.; H, I. McDonald; Mathur, R.; Ys Wong, A.; Forbes, H.; Parry, J.; Hester, F.; Harper, S.; I, J. Douglas; Smeeth, L.; L, A. Tomlinson; C, W. Lees; Evans, S.; Smith, C.; S, M. Langan; Mehkar, A.; MacKenna, B.; Goldacre, B. (Wellcome, 2022-06-01)
      Background: At the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was no routine comprehensive hospital medicines data from the UK available to researchers. These records can be important for many analyses including the effect of ...